Why Are We Doing This In Front of People?

Why Are We Doing This In Front of People?

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It's Gonna Blow!!!

it's gonna blow!!!

san diego's music underground, 1986-1996

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Children of the Stars

Children of the Stars

Science Fiction Is Real

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Billingsgate Media

Billingsgate Media

Billingsgate Media

Billingsgate Media is a San Diego based production company. We serve independent and studio productions both in narrative and documentary and provide video and photography services to corporate, small business and education clients while also developing our own projects. Please contact us at bill(at)billingsgate(dot)org to discuss your project.




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It's Gonna Blow!!!

Aquarius Records - review
We might be a little biased, seeing as several aQ-ers (including the one writing this review) are from San Diego, and the fact pretty much all of us LOVE rock docs, but even if you're not...

KPBS - interview
[San Diego] … the next Seattle … it never happened. It was an event that never happened that everybody remembers. - Ely Moyal of Trumans Water. I am all for the leave-no–stone-unturned trend in music documentaries and Bill Perrine’s It’s Gonna Blow: San Diego’s Music Underground, 1986 – 1996 upends a lot of stones...

Razorcake - review
An exceptionally entertaining and insightful look back on the San Diego music scene of the late '80s and early '90s...

91X - video feature
Director Bill Perrine brings us It’s Gonna Blow, a documentary about San Diego’s underground music...

Critical Angst - review
It’s Gonna Blow! San Diego Film Explores Underground Music Scene. San Diego filmmaker Bill Perrine explores the history and evolution of the sound of San Diego in his latest film...

Tone Madison - review
"Do you wanna be my friend?" The explosive weirdness of a San Diego music scene. There’s a famous story about Miramax head honcho Harvey Weinstein watching Clerks for the first time at Sundance. Other Miramax folks who had seen the film during its extremely brief pre-festival theatrical run in...

Secrets of the City - article
SOUND UNSEEN: IT’S GONNA BLOW!!!!—SAN DIEGO’S MUSIC UNDERGROUND 1986-1996. There was a time in the mid ’90s when music fans and bands and labels were looking for the next Seattle—that midsized...

The Local 94.9 - radio

Maximum Rocknroll - feature

Night Flight - feature

Boing Boing - feature
Noah Swartz writes, "Last night I got a chance to see a screening of It's Gonna Blow, a documentary about the underground scene in San Diego directed and produced by Bill Perrine." It follows the move away from...

Music Film Web - feature
It’s Gonna Blow!!!: What Happened When San Diego Didn’t ‘Happen’. "We were supposed to be the next Seattle,” Tim Blankenship of San Diego bands Creedle and Rust says early...

Orlando Weekly - feature
It's Gonna Blow!!! gathers punk legends and scarring, awesome footage to impressively depict San Diego's music underground

Jersey Beat - interview
An Interview with Bill Perrine. In the 1980s, Washington, DC was the big thing in the punk and indie music scene, with Dischord Records putting out influential...

Jersey Beat - review
The title has a double meaning. The first refers to the music critics and major labels who were saying, in the early 90s, that the San Diego music scene was going to blow up big time and be the next Seattle. The other meaning, as embodied in the lyrics from the Trumans Water’s song “Aroma of Gina Arnold,” refers to...

KPBS - feature
Inaugural Point Music Film Festival Debuts Saturday: This Saturday marks the debut of the Point Music Film Festival, which prides itself as being San Diego’s “first music only” film festival...

Cinepunx - podcast
We hope you brought your Vulcan haircuts and white belts for this special San Diego focused episode of the illustrious and jovial CINEPUNX!!!...

Monofesto - review
It’s Gonna Blow! San Diego Music Culture Examined 1986-1996: It’s been brewing for months. Local San Diego filmmaker Bill Perrine...

Creative Loafing - review
From 1986 through 1996, San Diego was a musical fertile crescent. Remaining isolated from the West Coast’s other musical hubs — Los Angeles and San Francisco — proved to be a boon of sorts...

The Royal Basement - review
In the magical pre-internet days of 1992, discovering new music wasn't as ridiculously easy as it is in 2015. For a kid growing up in the suburbs of Kansas City, my musical expansions were generally found in pilgrimages to record stores, stocking up on fanzines...

Voice of San Diego - review
Despite what our local radio stations may lead you to believe, San Diego isn’t all chill vibes laid on thick by Sublime, Jack Johnson and 311. We have a vibrant underground music history that’s not as sunny as...

San Diego Reader - review
Once upon a time, San Diego was poised to conquer its supposed inferiority complex (thanks, L.A.) via an explosive music scene that had onlookers proclaiming America’s Finest City as “the next Seattle.” Nothing ever really came of that...

San Diego Citybeat - feature
San Diego’s music scene was once called “The next Seattle” by Entertainment Weekly back in the 1990s, after the explosion of grunge in the Emerald City. Yet, despite the hype, mainstream exposure and success never materialized in the way it did for bands like Nirvana...

Through the Cracks - interview
Underground vs. Mainstream in a post-Nirvana world

Obey Giant - review
San Diego had a rich music underground in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s Gonna Blow!!! is the first documentary to chronicle these unique DIY happenings.

Gerry Fialka - interview
Film-maker Bill Perrine is interviewed by Gerry Fialka.

O.V.O.S.S. - article
A Tale Of Two Documentary Premieres: It’s Gonna Blow From San Diego To Tijuana

Justin O'Connell - article
Encinitas Blows: On Losing Terrin Durfey & Denver Lucas

Children of the Stars

KPBS -feature
The Interplanetary Beliefs Of An Unusual Group In El Cajon. If you've lived in San Diego for awhile and you don't know about the Unarius organization, you need to expand you horizons, in more...

The Frisky - review
The best thing ever...I think it just replaced Grey Gardens as my favorite documentary of all time...

Huffington Post - feature
Unarius, UFO Cult, Gets Profiled In 'Children Of The Stars' Documentary. Some people look at films like "Star Wars" and see science fiction, but the members of a UFO group based in El Cajon, Calif., see a documentary.

Gizmodo - review
If you see only one documentary...

San Francisco Bay Guardian - feature
3-2-1 Contact. El Cajon - between balmy coastal San Diego and arid desert mountains to the east — is just the sort of place where the dream of California living came true for a lot of...

Fox 5 San Diego - feature
Documentary features group who believes people came from outer space. A unique group of people who believe in an “interdimensional science” is subject of a documentary premiering for the first time in San Diego this week....

Hercules Invictus" - interview and review
Greetings Bill! Thank you very much for granting the time for this interview. I greatly enjoyed your film, 'Children of the Stars'...

VHX - review
A compelling documentary on a 1970’s cult that makes Scientology actually sound sensible. It’s THAT CRAZY.

PLAYBACK:stl - review

Yes! Weekly - review

Videoscope - review

DVD Talk - review

Ain't It Cool News - review

Los Angeles Beat - review

Movie City News - review

Deseret News - review

Harvey and Bob Show - review

Dusty on Movies - interview
I'm honored to feature this Q&A with the writer and producer of "Children of The Stars", Bill Perrine. I found Bill online after I learned there would be an exclusive screening of his film in Buchanan...

San Diego Reader - movie recommendations
Laugh, cry, hate yourself. I’m a sucker for character studies of unlikeable people, and Listen Up Philip (USA, 2014, Tribeca Films) pulls no punches. Jason Schwartzman is repellant and yet strangely relatable as...

Why Are We Doing This in Front of People?

San Diego Reader -interview
Local filmmaker Bill Perrine and his camera follow Octagrape on tour